Expert WordPress Support for Small Businesses

GenUp Digital’s WordPress Care Plans are like hiring an in-house web team – at a fraction of the cost.


Your company’s secret weapon

Like hiring an in-house web team – at a fraction of the cost.

  • Blazingly Fast Hosting

    Speed obsessive architecture, a high security network, and next generation infrastructure optimised for WordPress websites.

  • Daily Backups

    We backup your sites every day. Should the worst happen you’ll be able to reinstate a backup of your site with the push of a button.

  • Fully Encrypted

    We use encrypted SFTP & SSH connections (no FTP) to access your WordPress site and use SSL certificates to enable HTTPS.

  • 24/7 Support

    Login to our support portal, submit support requests and get your website fixed, updated and maintained 24/7.

  • Coding, Updates, Edits

    We update WordPress and your plugins, make content edits, CSS tweaks, theme and stylesheet adjustments and much more.

  • Account Manager

    Speak with an account manager who understands your website and business and can consult with you on projects on a 1-1 basis.

How we work


Register with us

Register for an account with us and we will get you set up on our system, migrate your website to our hosting and book you in for a website review.


Book your first tasks

Once you’re set up on our system you can book in for your first tasks. Submit work 24/7 from your account dashboard and leave it to us.


Request coding, updates, edits

Need a content edit, CSS update, plugin and theme updates, code tweak or marketing tools to be set up? No problem, speak with your account manager or access your dashboard and get it booked in!


Grow your business

We help you grow your online business allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most.

Some of the ways we can help

White Screen of Death

There is nothing worse than loading your website only to find a blank white screen staring back at you. We can identify the problem and get it fixed for you.

Hosting Support

Setting up and optimising your hosting can be confusing. We can manage your email accounts, set DNS records, manage SPF records and more.

Speed Optimisation

A slow website can have a significant negative effect on your traffic and conversions. We can optimise your website page load time to reduce bounce rate, increase traffic and optimise conversions.

Migrate a Website

Migrating a website from one server to another is a tricky task. Let us handle that for you with our website migration service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What website/hosting information do I need to give you?

Usually just login details to your hosting provider and site software. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, we can guide you.

How do I submit tasks?

If you are on our “Unlimited” or “Business” plan you can submit unlimited tasks 24/7. Once you have signed up you will be given access to your dashboard. You can submit tasks via the dashboard any time of the day or week and a member of the team will get it fixed. We have a policy of completing one task at a time. If multiple tasks are submitted at once they will be put on hold until the previous task has been successfully completed and closed.

What is the difference between the “Unlimited” and “Business” plan?

The difference between the “Unlimited” and “Business” plan is that the “Business” plan includes an account manager. On the “Unlimited” plan you can submit tasks 24/7 via your dashboard. However, on the “Business” plan you can also speak with an account manager and consult on the needs of your business/website. If you prefer to be able to speak with someone that understands your website, its technology and your specific business needs then an account manager will provide that for you.

Can I submit tasks on the Start Up plan?

No. The Start-Up plan is our entry-level plan and does not come with tasks. As part of the Start-Up plan, we host your website on our premium WordPress hosting, take daily website backups, complete monthly updates of plugins and themes, set up a staging site, SSL and CDN. If you want to submit website tasks you will need to upgrade to the “Unlimited” or “Business” plan. Alternatively, you can submit individual tasks as a “Quick Fix” billed at £48 per task.

What does an account manager do?

Customers on our “business” plan, will be assigned an account manager. Your account manager will understand your business and website. They will be your point of contact for all website-related enquiries. You can speak with your account manager about ideas you have for your website and ask for suggestions on how your website can be improved, discuss website-related business ideas and plan any website edits, updates or technical tasks. Your account manager will be available between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. You will be able to contact them by email, Slack or phone. Outside of those hours, you will still be able to submit website tasks 24/7 via your dashboard.

What website tasks do you complete?

Our WordPress maintenance plans give you the ability to create unlimited website tasks with no limit on the number of hours we work. In addition, we will back up your website, perform daily updates of your WordPress core, plugins and themes – as well as continuously monitor your security setup, website health, and site speed. We will always try to fix your website request but here is a list of some of the common requests we can resolve:
  • Restrict website access
  • Fix configuration file
  • Fix connectivity issue
  • Fix contact form errors
  • Fix dead links
  • Fix media upload errors
  • Fix plugin errors
  • Fix white screen of death
  • Optimise for SEO
  • (Re)Install WordPress
  • Reset Admin Passwords
  • Update WordPress
  • Update plugins
  • Install theme
  • Update CSS
  • Add custom code
  • Add website content
  • Install demo content
  • Install Disqus
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install a plugin
  • Set up WordPress SSL

Quick Fix

One off WordPress website fix, edit or update
  • Custom revisions
  • Fix error messages
  • Assist with migrations
  • Website updates
  • and much more!

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Start Up

Hosting, backups, plugin & theme updates
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Daily BackUps
  • Staging Environment
  • SSL & CDN
  • Core & Plugin Updates

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Request unlimited website revisions and tasks
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Daily BackUps
  • Staging Environment
  • SSL & CDN
  • Core & Plugin Updates
  • UNLIMITED Tasks 24/7

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Everything in ‘unlimited’ plus an account manager
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Daily BackUps
  • Staging Environment
  • SSL & CDN
  • Core & Plugin Updates
  • Unlimited Tasks 24/7
  • Account Manager

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GBP / month

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GBP / month

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GBP / month

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Inclusive One-off tasks
Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 support
Account Manager
Initial website audit
Plugin/theme updates
Update frequency
Monthly Weekly Weekly
Maintenance Dashboard
Email Accounts
4 4 4
Google Cloud Platform
PHP 7.4 support
PHP workers per site
6 6 6
Hosting environment
Dedicated hosting Dedicated hosting Dedicated hosting
23 global locations
Free CDN
25gb 25gb 25gb
Automatic Scaling
Uptime checks
Every 2 minutes Every 2 minutes Every 2 minutes
Hack and malware removal
Proactive Prevention
Automatic daily backups
Manual backup points
Backup retention
20 days 20 days 20 days
Staging area
Free SSL Certificates
Imported SSL Certificates
Self healing technology
Automatic DB optimisation
Multisite support
Recommended for ecommerce/membership sites
SSH access