Lift The Bar

Membership platform for fitness e-learning startup


  • user interface design
  • user experience design
  • site build
  • maintenance

Lift The Bar are an online education platform for Personal Trainers, Health Professionals and experts in the field of health, fitness and business.

We worked with Lift The Bar to integrate their content within a single membership website and build out advanced features to support their 1000+ users.


colour palette

  • #E62c27

  • #000000


Lift The Bar utilise a bright red accent with black and white throughout their website to bring an element of fun to a serious subject.




Migration and Integration

We were asked to design and build an e-learning and membership platform that showcased all of Lift The Bar’s content including over 35 courses, 100+ podcasts, downloadable content and 80+ webinars.

We helped LTB navigate the transition to a new digital platform by collating their large collection of content from across a wide range of platforms and mapping it to one central website and database.


User experience

The LTB website utilises hover pop-ups and scrolling horizontal bars to allow for an improved user experience whilst navigating large amounts of content.

Platform integrations

The LTB platform previously required upload of content manually from multiple sources. We integrated the new site with the API of a number of different platforms to allow automatic upload of content as it was created.

To improve user experience we integrated LTB search with Algolia instant search API allowing users to perform rapid keyword searches across all content.


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