No Bullsh*t Fitness

Vibrant membership website for No-Bs fitness influencer


  • user interface design
  • user experience design
  • site build
  • maintenance

Instagram influencer Lucy Mountain (@lucymountain) shares health, fitness and nutrition advice to her 300k+ followers and wanted a membership site to match.

We worked with Lucy to create concepts for branding and design exploring the initial idea for a membership site.


colour palette

  • #FC9897

  • #E71B34

  • #F1F1F1

The colour palette for Lucy and the Nobs fitness brand are a fun and playful selection of pink shades and white.




The problem

Lucy wanted to find a way to share her knowledge with her existing audience and further grow her following whilst at the same time finding a way to monetise her content.

The audience are millenials who take a no-bs approach to health, fitness and lifestyle and want quick access to high quality content.


The solution

We created fun, playful and modern branding in pink shades and white that spoke to the audience and subject matter.

We designed an interactive membership site that hosted video content behind a paywall and an interactive macro calculator that allowed users to calculate their energy requirements and gain knowledge and training on exercise and nutrition.


User experience

The interactive prototypes we created for this project were highly dynamic and utilised animations to bring content alive.

Video Content

Video content is an important part of the membership website and includes both nutrition and exercise videos. The video layout makes it easy to search for videos in the index page.


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